What happened in September? Edgefolio’s update and point of view for the world

Read about what’s been going on behind the scenes at Edgefolio during September. From awards to feature updates – we give you a short overview of what we have been getting on with during this month’s newsletter.

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Edgefolio announces The Guardian Multi-Family Office as their newest client!

We are very excited to announce that The Guardian Multi-Family Office is Edgefolio’s newest client, opening a new market in New Zealand.

The Auckland-based boutique, independently-owned wealth management and financial advisory firm, will be utilizing Edgefolio’s flagship product, FundPortal to administer market its SICAV Sub-Funds.

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Which of your Prospects is most likely to invest in your fund? Now you can find out in a glance.

Presenting: Engagement level of your prospects!

– We have all the data, how can we use it in the most efficient way?
– Is there a way to know who is a ‘hot’ prospect?
– I have more than 2000 Investors in my database, how can I prioritize? 
– If I had time to focus only on  2 prospects, who should they be?

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How Technology Is (Slowly) Transforming Asset Management

Many regard asset management as a traditional, slow-moving industry. Its reluctance to innovate has seen it trail other areas of finance, such as trading and retail banking, when it comes to the adoption of technology. But this is changing.

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Best CRM System — HFM Technology Awards Winner

Edgefolio’s fund data management & analysis solution has been voted “Best CRM for the Hedge Fund Industry” by the European Hedge Fund Technology Awards 2018.

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Investor’s Vaults: How to Use Your Fundportal to Share User-specific Documents

In FundPortal, you already had a very feature rich Fund Documents Room, in which each file is assigned a privilege level.

Starting today, FundPortal comes with investor-specific document vaults. You can now securely share Investor Balance Statements, signed NDAs, and more.

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Five Simple Questions Investors Ask About Hedge Funds… And How You Can Answer Them

Investors face tough decisions when deciding how to allocate capital. After all, choosing between thousands of funds is a complicated process.

Here are 5 simple questions investors ask when selecting a fund that’s right for them and how a fund should answer in order to give themselves the best chance of engagement.

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Navigating through new features of FundPortal 3.12

After months of an ongoing dialog with our customers, furious coding and indefinite testing we are proud to introduce the newest version of FundPortal 3.12.

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AIMA Next Generation Manager Forum 2018: Our Experiences

Friday 8th of June: World’s best class Hedge Fund Managers, International Allocators, and expert service providers met in Amba Hotel in London, to share the preliminary results on AIMA’s next survey: ‘Making it big’. The idea is to track and replicate the evolution of a Hedge Fund from start-up to a billion dollars in assets under management and beyond.

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