Hedge funds have historically been reluctant to market themselves, concerned by privacy and regulatory compliance. However, the world of B2B marketing has changed, largely driven by technology, and hedge funds have been carried by that wave. Allocators expect digital engagement and an online presence. They use third-party platforms to research and connect with funds, and these are growing in number. 

Hedge funds cannot easily “opt out” of this new world order, and would be wise to embrace the fund marketing technology stack. 

So as we head into 2024, what are the main points of consideration when benchmarking your technology-driven investor (and prospect) experience against that of your competitors?


Public presence

What is your digital presence at first glance? Do you have a social media presence and/or a public website? What happens when someone enters your name into a search engine? What information do they find, and is it accurate? Will they find content that tells them more about who you are and why you exist? Are you giving a great first impression?


Private presence

If someone wants to know more about your fund(s), what is their next step? Do they need to contact you to request information, or can they self-serve online? How are you ensuring the information you present online can only be accessed by the right people? Or will you be presenting information via email? Can the investor advance their journey independently? How dynamic is this next step and would you call it a “modern” investor experience?



How do you share highly confidential information with your investors and prospects? Are you sending attachments and hoping they maintain good inbox hygiene? Or are you using a modern data room to share these documents? Does this process add credibility to your firm as modern and transparent?


Relationship management

What is the ongoing experience of being an investor in your fund? Do you provide dynamic transparency into your performance? Do your investors have a chance to connect with you digitally? Do they understand – and buy into – your value proposition? Could this see you through a period of bad performance? 


Tracking and analytics

Can you see who has engaged with your fund information and content? Do you know when to follow up with a prospect to move them through the investor journey? Can you see when a prospect has viewed your performance data for the third time in a week, or when an investor has not viewed your performance data for some time and appears unengaged? Do you know what is working in your strategy, and what needs refinement?


In our recent webinar – “The fund marketing tech stack in 2024” – we considered the technology available at all stages of the investor journey. We walk through solutions ranging from the most basic to the most sophisticated across websites, email marketing, investor portals, document sharing, content distribution, CRM – and more. This is now available on demand, watch now!