Edgefolio for Cap Intro

Digitise Your Capital Introductions

Business as usual is not an option anymore

Poor Data Management

Multiple external data-sources and ad hoc internal inputs lead to incomplete, inaccurate, and unconsolidated data sets.

Inefficient Workflows

Manual processes for accessing intelligence and reporting on hedge fund clients is a waste of your teams resources.

Global Incoherency

Different regional teams and non standardised information sharing makes work one off as opposed to building up a knowledge bank.

Brand Indifference

With many private and smaller CI teams launching globally, essentially there is no differentiation to the offering.

Business as usual is not an option anymore

Introducing Edgefolio for Cap Intro

A compliant, scalable technology solution which allows capital introduction teams worldwide to raise assets through a better client experience and a more intelligent sales process.

A web application tailored to the needs of your Cap Intro team, listing all fund data (HFR, HFM, Eurekahedge & more) into one accessible and modern website.

Workflow tailored for collaboration and efficiency around fund search and filtering, monitoring, performance and peer analysis.

Calculates all your analysis out of the box, and lets you generate reports and export data in a format customised to your needs.

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Enhanced Data Quality

Consolidated Hedge Fund Database

One unified system, automatically importing all hedge fund data and consolidates it into a single format.

Includes your own internal data

Admin users can add more fund data on their own, in batch from Excel or directly in the application.

Sensitive/Proprietary data

A dedicated environment means you can safely store sensitive information. No infrastructure or database is shared with other clients.

Easy maintenance of data across teams

Anyone across CI & Business Consulting can edit data and mistakes, and all changes are immediately published for everyone.

Enhanced Data Quality

Efficiency Boost

Web-based application accessible anywhere

Offers a beautiful modern design that is ready to be client-facing, not just your internal team. It’s responsive and iPad friendly.

Boost to cross-selling and new businesses

Edgefolio adds business intelligence to your client interactions. This knowledge is shared with other teams and information is not siloed anymore.

Less overhead time

All funds get many performance metrics computed automatically. Peer analyses calculated at scale at a click of a button.

Reporting automation

Automatically generates multiple types of reports (Fund Analysis, Peer Analysis, Industry-wide Reports, etc.)

Efficiency Boost

Global Cohesion

Standardised reports available globally

Everyone accesses analysis and reports in exactly the same format, all based on the same data.

Reduction of inbox noise

With a single source of truth, there is no need to send Excel files by email and ask for outdated reports.

Digital sharing at a click of a button

Safely send links to a fund profile or a particular analysis or report, protected by granular rights management.

Collaboration built-in

Easily and quickly share fund groups and research with others across all departments: Market, Cap Intro & Consulting, and the wider sales and business teams.

Global Cohesion

Brand Enhancement

White label solution: your own branding

We customise the application to apply your company’s branding style guidelines.

Bespoke client experience

A modern design that was made for client-facing technology allowing for increased global exposure and brand recognition.

Increased awareness of customer demand

Stay more informed about industry trends and client demands. Bring more business intelligence to your discussions.

Fast response times

Respond to client questions on the fly with a quick search or analysis. Use an iPad to talk about funds and answer questions right there in your meetings.

Brand Enhancement
How it works

Project Delivery

You get the benefit of a powerful solution customised and dedicated to you, delivered in record time as a turn-key solution. There is no need to involve any internal development team or engineers, nor any long in-house processes.

1. Start from our existing IP tailored for Cap Intro

The base solution is already tailored to the needs of existing Cap Intro teams. We have successfully delivered this project to large global teams, and know what to expect.

2. We setup, host and maintain the solution in our cloud

We provision a dedicated cloud environment specifically for you on Microsoft Azure. Our architecture is robust and has passed security and compliance requirements from leading investment banks.

3. User acceptance and access handed over

Login details are issued to your end users, and that’s it. From that point, fund data is automatically updated regularly, we step back, and you enjoy the ride.

4. We listen to feedback and keep improving further

Our products continue to evolve from the high quality feedback of our clients. This can be either developed for you exclusively, or everyone can benefit if you share it with others.

You’re in good company

We are trusted by some of the world’s leading institutions


Experience Edgefolio for Cap Intro

See how the tool allows capital introduction teams worldwide to raise assets through a better client experience and intelligent sales process.

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