Kenno Vietnam strategy

Vietnam & selling the story: Kenno, Mikael Nastamo

In our ‘Exposure’ series, we’re talking to our clients & about the funds, people & strategies. Kenno, experts in Vietnam’s economy are up next.

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Exposure series: Trajectoire Capital Group, Cyril Bériot

As part of our new ‘Exposure’ series, we’ll be sitting down with some of our clients, and showcasing the brands, the people behind the funds, their investment strategies and their thoughts on how technology is disrupting both the present and the future of the fund industry.

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tikehau capital

Spotlight on Tikehau Impact Credit

The world of high yield credit has, so far, been relatively impregnable against the crashing waves of ESG investment. Not so from summer of this year, when the team at Tikehau launched their `Tikehau Impact Credit` fund*.

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Spotlight on: Altana Carbon Futures Opportunity and Carbon Credit Hedge Funds

In 2005, as the European Union tried to plot a market-lead but effective path to lower overall emissions, they launched the world’s first major carbon emissions trading scheme .

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ESTea #17 02/09/21 Spotlight on: Triodos Pioneer Impact Fund

Triodos have, by far, the clearest commitment to carbon-neutral and ethical investing of any major fund brand. Almost certainly they launched the first ‘Green’ fund back in 1990, only ten years after they were founded and decades before the rest of the market.

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ESTea #14 23/07/21 – Spotlight on: Eurizon Sustainable Multiasset

Essentially, the Italians do everything better than the rest of the world. It’s hard to admit – but it’s true. Born from the finest Italian Banking pedigree (Intesa Sanpaolo) – Eurizon is a prima donna of asset managers, complete with a virtuoso sustainable manifesto.

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Chinese Commodities Arbitrage discussion with Steve Reece

This week we introduce Steve Reece, founder and COO of Windrose to the spotlight! Read about the operations at Windrose and Steeve’s thoughts of opportunities in a post-covid world.

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The Sweet Spot Between Sales and Marketing for Funds

Sales and marketing are the two sides of the same coin. They both aim at educating prospects, bringing in new clients while making sure that you continue to delight your current ones.

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‘Edgefolio Spotlight’ – Danny Dayan, DWD Partners, LLC

This week we introduce Danny Dayan, founder, and CIO of DWD Partners, LCC, to the spotlight! Read about the operations at DWD and where Danny sees an opportunity to grow.

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