The best method to evaluate the relative performance of your hedge fund is to compare it to a list of peers. These could include a cross-section of traditional mutual funds, equity or fixed-income indexes, and other hedge funds with similar strategies. To allow you to create peer groups that showcase your fund’s alpha-generating ability, FundPortal now comes with a powerful peer group creator.

This new tool lets you easily search through an expansive comparison set of 150,000 funds and indexes from Morningstar, letting you intuitively build peer groups relevant to your fund.

Once you have constructed your peer group, your investors and prospects will have instant access to key statistical metrics for all funds in the group. This allows them to see at glance in which ways your fund falls in the top quartiles over different analysis periods.

You can click or tap the image below to see a live example on our demo portal.

Investors and prospects who have access to your FundPortal can also fetch PDF versions of your generated peer report (like the example report attached to this email). For those prospects who aren’t yet on your portal, you can generate as many variants of these as you want and send them by email! Relative performance analysis is an important tool for investors to invest in your fund. So, we just made it a lot easier for you to show off your fund in this way.

You can also forward your latest factsheet to and someone on our team will be in touch with a free Peer Analysis Report on your fund.

The Edgefolio Team