All the upcoming changes are focused on the Communication and User Management part, based on your suggestions and feedback. The goal of those improvements is to make your life easier, creating a short-of CRM inside the Fundportal.

New Features Include:

  • A fully editable Users table: a light CRM right into your FundPortal
  • Email Templates: save the email messages you send most often to easily create new campaigns
  • Email Marketing Campaigns: similar to Mailchimp, with advanced statistics on emails delivered, opened, bounced, etc.
  • Lead Capture form on your portal login page: let new users reach out to you

Important Improvements:

  • User Management: no need to invite users anymore, simply create and edit your users details freely, and communicate with them independently
  • Easier management of User Privileges: Add and remove Users, make Admins
  • User Communications: clear and precise status on each of your emails sent to users, preserving the entire history of your past campaigns
  • Editable E-mail Subjects: Be able to see how your mail looks before sending it out
  • Bulk upload and edit of Users data made easier and more reliable


We hope you like what is coming. You will find more information about the release and details about the new functionalities soon.

We want to thank each and every one of you individually, for your valuable insights and ideas on how to improve our service.

Please share your thoughts and suggestions here in the comments or feel free to contact our team directly!

With kindest regards,

Edgefolio team