Who we are

As this is the inaugural ESTea newsletter, it’s going to be a short one. Let me start by explaining why we have this newsletter and blog, what we think it might become, and what you can expect.

With sustainable investing, impact investing and ESG themes now top-of-mind for many in the industry we’re going to be bringing out some excited product releases in this space. Edgefolio’s standing as a grounded start-up, plus our relationships with institutional finance, puts us in a position of responsibility.

What to expect

Over the last 12 months we’ve been building the knowledge, network and expertise around positive investing needed for our work. We did this through reading, attending (virtual events) and keeping abreast of the news. It’s something we continue to do as a team, and this newsletter is a chance to open-source that knowledge and information. That means

  • Events for the next 7 days, and perhaps a little beyond
  • Articles from across the space
  • Round ups of events from the past week
  • As we go, some editorialisation and interviews

This week

Upcoming events

  • ESG Leadership Roundtable (Clubhouse) 22:00 BST Wednesday 6th


Of interest

The Financial Times released a graphic showing how warmer, drier conditions in the arctic during 2020 lead to more wildfires in the Russian North East. Link.