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FundPortal is a modern Document portal, created for Hedge Fund Managers. Be compliant and efficient, without changing your existing workflow.

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Secure, Compliant and Engaging Investor Relations

FundPortal Helps You

Engage your Clients — All the data-rich information they need in a timely fashion, easily accessible in one place.

Build your Brand — Strengthen your client communication through elegantly-branded messaging, and a beautiful, fully compliant portal accessed through your website.

Retain and Raise Assets — Seeing exactly how clients and prospects engage with your information lets you focus your marketing efforts.

Secure, Compliant and Engaging Investor Relations

FundPortal Offers Your Clients

Transparency — All data, documents, commentary and performance available since inception, in one place.

Timeliness — Frequent notifications of performance updates, commentary and fund news.

Powerful Insights — Risk & return metrics on an absolute, relative and correlative basis to augment data-rich fund information.

Secure, Compliant and Engaging Investor Relations

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Hand-crafted Functionality

FundPortal is purpose-built around the needs of fund managers and marketers

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Secure and Compliant

Works Great in All Modern Browsers

Fully Customisable

Clear Visualisations

100% in the Cloud

Constantly Updated and Refined

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What our Customers Have to Say

FundPortal has greatly expanded the online service we offer to investors, it has allowed us to supply them with information, customised to their stage within the sales process.

Zoe Russel
Zoe Russel
Tolomeo Capital AG

I could not be more satisfied with FundPortal and am convinced it will ultimately drive much better conversion of investor prospects into fund investors.

Theron De Ris
Theron De Ris
Eschler Asset Management

FundPortal is intuitive and simple to use with a level of fund and peer analytics unparalleled in the industry. The software has aided Coleman Group in both the presentation of our fund to clients as well as alerting potential investors to us as an investment.

Matt McClean
Matt McClean
Coleman Group

I really like the new upgrade, and as you might see by my activity, it has transformed my engagement. Many thanks to the team at Edgefolio for incorporating our suggestions.

Matthieu Gervis
Matthieu Gervis
Poincare Capital

Before Getting Started

Please write to us if you need more information before starting your trial. We’d be happy to help.

Do investors use FundPortal?
Yes, we count over 6,000 institutional investors globally as monthly active users of FundPortal. Open rates on mail outs average on 20% (4x higher than regular PDF circular emails).
How do you handle GDPR?
Under GDPR, we are the data processor and you and the data controller. Investors you invite are forced to opt in if they want to access your FundPortal, giving you peace of mind.
How does it plug into my website?
Very easily! We just link to your FundPortal subdomain with a login button. We will do this for you if you opt for a free website.
What data do you collect?
The data we collect and why is all detailed in plain English in our Privacy Policy.
Will anyone get access to our invitation list?
No, this is under encryption on a dedicated server. Edgefolio takes aggregated & anonymised snapshots to get a sense for monthly KPIs.
Does FundPortal work for closed-ended funds?
Not yet, but we’re busy working on a release for PE/VC/RE funds in the months ahead. Watch this space!
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