Digital fund distribution for prime brokers

CRM, fund intelligence and fund marketing; take your cap intro service to the next level.

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The job is getting harder.

More hedge funds than ever

Capturing, monitoring and presenting these funds requires a revolutionary approach.

Changing investor demands

Increasingly knowledgeable investors demand self-service insight and transparency.

Risk and compliance

Operational and compliance risk must be managed flawlessly at scale.

Cost control

Margin pressure makes digitisation across operations essential.

Introducing FundPlatform

A compliant, scalable and fully-digital fund distribution and marketing platform.

Technology as a driver

Deliver a next-level cap intro service for your clients and investors.

Tried, tested, trusted

Used by six of the top 10 global investment banks.

Introducing FundPlatform

You’re in good company



Capture all contacts, conversations, activities and tasks across your fund distribution in one global platform.

Holistic tracking

All contacts, activities and tasks – in one place.

Collaborate across teams

Consistency and communication, breaking down siloes and removing key-man risk.

Business intelligence

Visualise your operation, to better manage teams and drive efficiency.

Better introductions

Use investor engagement analytics to have the right conversation at the right time.

Fund intelligence

Your navigable catalogue of funds for internal and external use.

Fund intelligence
The right information every time

Showcase your funds to investors, and equip your team with answers.

Efficient growth

Use business intelligence to maximise your client relationships.

Silver service at scale

Instant answers, self-service information and focused introductions.

Informed conversations

Monitor investor engagement across the platform, for targeted and relevant outreach.

Fund marketing

Your content and events hub, with built-in distribution and tracking.

Fund marketing
Engage at scale

Streamlined email marketing campaigns; hosted, built, sent.

Host virtual events

Build and present the agenda, drive promotion and handle registrations.

Digitise your marketing

Host all thought leadership in one online repository.

Case study

Morgan Stanley Fund Logic

Morgan Stanley uses FundPlatform to deliver FundLogic, its UCITS platform. FundLogic is designed and implemented to satisfy the compliance and regulatory requirements for distributing UCITS funds. A powerful jurisdiction matrix to ensure that passporting and investor access are aligned, as well as enabling the dynamic changes of information to be relevant in terms of language and documentation.