How to write great prospecting emails so that your inbox is full

How to write a great prospecting email for fund managers

Emerging fund managers need to master the art of a great prospect email due to less contacts and experience – Edgefolio has tips.

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Why do hedge fund managers need a CRM?

Why do hedge fund managers need an integrated CRM?

Why should hedge fund managers adopt a CRM? Edgefolio explores some of the principal reasons and benefits for asset managers below.

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Wall Street, home of SEC hedge fund regulators.

What does the SEC’s ruling mean for hedge fund managers?

The SEC has proposed a new set of regulations for hedge funds and hedge fund managers. The move targets greater transparency on performance, fees and much more.

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UK emissions haven’t been offshored

Sarah Olney is not the only person criticising the UK government for ‘offshoring’ emissions from the period 1990 to 2020. Offshoring in this context means that either emissions that used to occur in the UK, now occur in other countries, or that new emissions have been created in other countries that properly should ‘belong’ to the UK.

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Heat pumps just burn money

Heat pumps have been in the news over the last week principally because of a government announcement here in the UK. The Conservative Government has promised grants of up to £5,000 for homeowners and renters to have them installed, a sum which covers around a third of the cost of the installation of a heat pump.

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Spotlight on Tikehau Impact Credit

The world of high yield credit has, so far, been relatively impregnable against the crashing waves of ESG investment. Not so from summer of this year, when the team at Tikehau launched their `Tikehau Impact Credit` fund*.

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Spotlight on: Altana Carbon Futures Opportunity and Carbon Credit Hedge Funds

In 2005, as the European Union tried to plot a market-lead but effective path to lower overall emissions, they launched the world’s first major carbon emissions trading scheme .

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VOTE ETF: The Launch of the First Passive Aggressive ESG Fund

In May 2021, activist hedge fund Engine No. 1 shot to prominence on the back of its success in winning the shareholder fight with oil giant Exxon Mobil (XOM). The fund was relatively unknown at the time. It was founded in late 2020 by Chris James, a Wall Street veteran who formerly ran Andor Capital Management and Partner Fund Management. The San Francisco-based fund started with about $250 million in assets.

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ESTea #17 15/09/2021 The carbon price of bulls***

There’s only one thing worse than greenwashing – green bull****ing.

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