Ciscos marketing stack

The fund marketing tech stack – tools for 2023

Digital marketing has never been so complex. Fund managers need to find the right balance of tools and technology to optimise their online presence and spend more time generating Alpha. They need, a fund marketing tech stack.

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emreging managers, it's time for Institutional investment

Emerging fund managers: Are you ready for Institutional capital?

Congratulations. You’re 3 years into your journey as an emerging hedge fund manager. The time has come to prepare for institutional investment – here’s what you need to know

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Exposure series: Trajectoire Capital Group, Cyril Bériot

As part of our new ‘Exposure’ series, we’ll be sitting down with some of our clients, and showcasing the brands, the people behind the funds, their investment strategies and their thoughts on how technology is disrupting both the present and the future of the fund industry.

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kanban gif

New feature: Kanban board now live in FundPortal

We’ve been working on adding even more new features to FundPortal. Introducing kanban board view, for more effective deal / pipeline management.

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Scrabble letters making up the word Login

Why Does A Hedge Fund Need A Client Portal?

Why does a hedge fund need a client portal in 2022? Transparency? Yep. Marketing? Absolutely. We delve into all the reasons why it is crucial in 2022.

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How to write great prospecting emails so that your inbox is full

How to write a great prospecting email for fund managers

Emerging fund managers need to master the art of a great prospect email due to less contacts and experience – Edgefolio has tips.

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Why do hedge fund managers need a CRM?

Why do hedge fund managers need an integrated CRM?

Why should hedge fund managers adopt a CRM? Edgefolio explores some of the principal reasons and benefits for asset managers below.

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Edgefolio & BNP Paribas

Edgefolio partner with BNP Paribas to launch ‘Bridge’ – Providing Digital Capital Introduction Services for Institutional Investors

‘Bridge by BNP Paribas’ to Provide Digital Capital Introduction Services for Institutional Investors. Partnership with Edgefolio strengthens the bank’s cap intro offering.

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Wall Street, home of SEC hedge fund regulators.

What does the SEC’s ruling mean for hedge fund managers?

The SEC has proposed a new set of regulations for hedge funds and hedge fund managers. The move targets greater transparency on performance, fees and much more.

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