In our last blog, “Marketing data insights: painting a picture of your investors”, we discussed getting to know your investors better through marketing analytics on both a macro and micro level. We also identified where marketing data is generated, including website and social media analytics, fund marketing tools, and traditional activities like meetings and calls. Following on from this, how can this same data help you refine your sales and marketing strategy?

Value for marketing 

Picture your marketing data as a compass, guiding your strategy by providing feedback on your investors’ journeys. What do investors pay attention to, and what do they ignore? What attracts their attention for the first time, and what do they engage with when they’re in the process of making a decision? By analysing your marketing data, you can identify which content forms, topics, and tones resonate most with your audience. This insight allows you to develop a compelling and relevant content strategy that mirrors their preferences. Additionally, high-level information on investors can feed back into the business to guide tactical decisions, such as fine-tuning your marketing strategy for a target region or market. By aligning your ongoing marketing efforts with inferred feedback from investors, your marketing team can determine what is and isn’t working.

Value for sales

Marketing data also holds value for your sales team. High engagement with fund materials indicates which prospects are most likely to become investors, enabling the team to prioritise its efforts. Marketing analytics also provide detailed funnel visualisation, from the early interest stage to the decision-making stage and beyond. Tracking these metrics helps the sales team understand where each potential investor stands in the decision-making process, and use this information to drive future action. The team can also conduct attribution tracking to gain a comprehensive understanding of what contributes to wins or, alternatively, identify any gaps in the sales funnel and obstacles that need to be addressed.

Our white paper, “A practical guide to marketing analytics” discusses marketing analytics for hedge funds in further depth. To learn more, read the white paper here.