In the ongoing effort to improve the sales outreach and investor relations strategy, fund managers are increasingly embracing marketing data to better know their investors. 

Information on investor behaviour is generated in a few different places across the business:

  • analytics tools for the public website and social media channels;
  • details of traditional activities, such as meetings, calls and one-to-one emails;
  • and fund marketing tools, such as the investor portal, data room and email automation technology.

This data is ideally stored within the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, which represents your single source of truth on your investors. The data can then be used to form a picture of your investors with varying degrees of granularity. Many of the aforementioned systems and activities subsequently consume this data. From emerging to fully-established funds, this understanding of your target market is strategic gold.

The investor information that matters 

Macro-level information

Building a basic investor profile is crucial. Both website and social media analytics paint a big picture of who is engaging with your fund marketing, for example in which geographies you are getting most traction. Another valuable source of macro-level information on investors is an investor portal. To access the portal, investors must provide basic details such as their job title and the name, geographic location and type of firm they belong to. Piecing together this data paints a holistic picture of your investor audience, illustrating which investors you are getting most traction with. It ultimately tells you who you are successfully talking to. 

Micro-level information

Marketing analytics can also unveil more detailed, micro-level information on your investors. How is a specific investor engaging with your fund and marketing materials? Which investors have just started to look at your fund? Which investors were previously engaging, but have recently stopped? This gives you a deeper understanding of where each investor sits within the sales funnel, letting you adapt your outreach to them accordingly. Making the right call at the right time is not only a more efficient use of your time, but will also yield better results. 

Our latest white paper offers a practical guide to marketing analytics for hedge funds, discussing where to locate this valuable marketing data, what the insights can tell you, and how to visualise the data to guide your strategy and for re-consumption by the business. To learn more about the value of using marketing analytics to know your investors better, read the white paper here.