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Why Does A Hedge Fund Need A Client Portal?

Why does a hedge fund need a client portal in 2022? Transparency? Yep. Marketing? Absolutely. We delve into all the reasons why it is crucial in 2022.

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Why do hedge fund managers need a CRM?

Why do hedge fund managers need an integrated CRM?

Why should hedge fund managers adopt a CRM? Edgefolio explores some of the principal reasons and benefits for asset managers below.

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Edgefolio & BNP Paribas

Edgefolio partner with BNP Paribas to launch ‘Bridge’ – Providing Digital Capital Introduction Services for Institutional Investors

‘Bridge by BNP Paribas’ to Provide Digital Capital Introduction Services for Institutional Investors. Partnership with Edgefolio strengthens the bank’s cap intro offering.

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Wall Street, home of SEC hedge fund regulators.

What does the SEC’s ruling mean for hedge fund managers?

The SEC has proposed a new set of regulations for hedge funds and hedge fund managers. The move targets greater transparency on performance, fees and much more.

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ESTea #1 04/05/21

As this is the inaugural ESTea newsletter, it’s going to be a short one. Let me start by explaining why we have this newsletter and blog, what we think it might become, and what you can expect.

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Top Performing Funds (track record >1 year, AUM> $100m) in November 2020

November’s strong rally caught many investors by surprise after a weak October, turning many of the funds that were at the bottom of the pile into winners, and pushing former high performers into the list of laggards.

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Chinese Commodities Arbitrage discussion with Steve Reece

This week we introduce Steve Reece, founder and COO of Windrose to the spotlight! Read about the operations at Windrose and Steeve’s thoughts of opportunities in a post-covid world.

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Top Performing Funds (track record >1 year, AUM> $100m) in October 2020

As the northern hemisphere headed firmly into autumn, the October news flow was dominated by two topics: the resurgence of Covid-19 in Europe, and the upcoming US elections. Markets spent much of the month in wait-and-see mode, before the announcement of widespread restrictions across Europe.

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Top Performing Funds (track record >1 year, AUM> $100m) in September 2020

The third quarter emphasised the benefits of geographic diversification. Asian equities returned over 10% and are the joint best-performing equity region year to date, up over 5%.

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