conference tips: iConnections Miami is just around the corner

Welcome aboard this non-stop flight to Miami

In our last blog, we discussed the pre-event preparation to get you on track for a successful event. Now, let’s consider the tips and tricks to get the most out of your time at the conference itself.

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hedge fund events - are you ready for the return of Context365 and iConnections?

The return of Context365 and iConnections; are you ready for the the return of hedge fund events?

You probably need no introduction to the two flagship conferences of the hedge fund world; Context365 and iConnections. Attendees will be hoping for incredible networking opportunities. So how can you maximise your chance of success? Here are some tips to get you going:

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SEC November marketing rule

What is the November 4 Marketing Rule imposed by the SEC, and how it will affect the marketing of hedge funds?

The November 4 Marketing Rule is a new reform imposed by the SEC that will affect the marketing of hedge funds. How will it affect fund managers?

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investor trust in crypto is low

The rise and fall of crypto; how can investor trust be rebuilt?

The decline in the cryptocurrency market has been dramatic. How can crypto fund managers now begin to reassure and re-engage their investors?

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Kenno Vietnam strategy

Vietnam & selling the story: Kenno, Mikael Nastamo

In our ‘Exposure’ series, we’re talking to our clients & about the funds, people & strategies. Kenno, experts in Vietnam’s economy are up next.

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Ciscos marketing stack

The fund marketing tech stack – tools for 2023

Digital marketing has never been so complex. Fund managers need to find the right balance of tools and technology to optimise their online presence and spend more time generating Alpha. They need, a fund marketing tech stack.

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emreging managers, it's time for Institutional investment

Emerging fund managers: Are you ready for Institutional capital?

Congratulations. You’re 3 years into your journey as an emerging hedge fund manager. The time has come to prepare for institutional investment – here’s what you need to know

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Exposure series: Trajectoire Capital Group, Cyril Bériot

As part of our new ‘Exposure’ series, we’ll be sitting down with some of our clients, and showcasing the brands, the people behind the funds, their investment strategies and their thoughts on how technology is disrupting both the present and the future of the fund industry.

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kanban gif

New feature: Kanban board now live in FundPortal

We’ve been working on adding even more new features to FundPortal. Introducing kanban board view, for more effective deal / pipeline management.

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