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Unlocking performance with a technology-focused approach to capital raising

Fusing technology with capital:
How Thalēs and Edgefolio reinvented the cap intro space with Agora

The challenge

Thalēs is a global technology-driven capital raising and derivatives brokerage firm servicing institutional market participants. They help hedge funds shape their stories, refine their strategic plans, and develop the processes required to efficiently raise capital, with technology at the core of everything they do.

Thalēs deploy innovative technologies which, combined with Edgefolio’s platform and expertise, help its clients enhance their trading infrastructures and grow assets under management (AUM).

Private assets are their core business. The global private capital industry is expected to triple over the next five years: up from $10tn to $18-30t*. Alternatives have stopped being “alternative”.

In 2017 they spotted an opportunity that others had not yet identified – the digitization of their capital raising services – with clear objectives:

  • Offer a cap intro service to (hedge fund) prospects and clients
  • Engage and develop relationships with Institutional Investors 
  • Allow automated cap intros between investors and managers (self service, scalable) 
  • Track behavioral data and digital footprints of investor activity
  • Enable hybrid high touch approach to fundraising
  • Reinforce the Thalēs brand as a technology innovator
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The solution

Enter, Agora. 

Agora is an on-brand powerful fund research and virtual events platform hosting the Thales investor & fund manager community.

A scalable, fully-compliant, technology solution which allows capital introduction teams worldwide to raise assets through a better client experience and a more intelligent sales process. 

Thalēs and Edgefolio Enterprise agreed on a technology partnership. After a period of User research analyzing needs and core workflows, the Agora platform for capital introductions was built and launched within a matter of months.


The client

“We are thrilled to have partnered with Edgefolio whose approach and product stand out in their market segment.”

Edouard Robbes Partner, Thalēs Capital Partners LLC
Edouard Robbes Partner, Thalēs Capital Partners LLC

Digital Marketing Analytics

Thalēs managers are now equipped with the power of insight. Managers now have the ability to track usage and behavioral data across all implementations, and use that insight to prioritize tasks and make better-informed decisions. Think: 

  • Monthly factsheets
  • Investor engagement
  • Email marketing analytics
  • Best-performing content

Increased Investor Engagement 

With a best-in-market digital product, combined with a pre-existing commitment to technology, trust and transparency from investors are a natural by-product.


Virtual Events

The Agora platform has built-in webinar capabilities allowing Thalēs the ability to get in front of the investor community and market their services by providing expert content – A tenet of marketing that the majority of funds would not yet discover until 2020.

Agora have now hosted 3 virtual conferences, with 45 speakers totalling 27 sessions, with speakers from all over the World sharing their expertise on topics such as Uncorrelated / Commodity strategies, Crypto and Decentralised finance (DeFi).


Less Tech, More Alpha

As part of an established workflow, Thales managers log in to Agora daily to use Edgefolio’s proprietary engagement scoring system to understand their daily priorities, have all of their contextual conversations in one place and maximise their time so they can spend it on their true focus: Generating alpha.

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