Top Performing ESG Funds of 2019 (based on CAGR)

Climate change has been centre stage in 2019, but how have sustainable and ethical funds fared? Here are the top performing funds throughout 2019.

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Oldest ETF Funds

According to Gary Gastineau, author of “The Exchange-Traded Funds Manual,” the first real attempt at something like an ETF was the launch of Index Participation Shares for the S&P 500 in 1989.

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Top Performing Funds with real estate exposures

With WeWork having recently unveiled its prospectus ahead of its large upcoming IPO, we decided to look into alternative investments with exposures to the real estate market and have prepared a league table with the top-performing real estate funds.

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Top Performing ETF’s with China Exposures

There are a number of ETFs focused exclusively on China equities at this time. For many of these funds, the fallout from the U.S.-China trade war has been disastrous. for others, it represents a golden opportunity.

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Top Performing AI Funds

AI is being used to suggest music you might want to listen to or movies you might want to watch. It’s used to spot attempts at bank fraud and cybercrime. That’s why so many funds are now focusing on this industry as well. But how do they perform?

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Top Performing ESG Funds of 2019 so far

As the drivers of interest in ESG investment vehicles moves from that of risk to reward, we decided to analyse the top-performing funds that pursue sustainable and responsible investing strategies.

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Edgefolio partners with Morningstar to bring you 140k funds!

Edgefolio partners with Morningstar into the world of Long Only, ETF’s, UCITS, Fund of Funds. We now providee access to over 140k Funds, all through best-in-class web-based technology solutions

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