The firm will leverage FundPortal to scale marketing and drive investment across its innovative and niche strategies. 

London, UK, 20 September 2023/PR Newswire – Edgefolio Group (“Edgefolio”) today announced that Altana Wealth (“Altana”), a London and Monaco-located fund management company, is live on FundPortal, Edgefolio’s all-in-one fund marketing and investor relations platform for fund managers. Altana will now benefit from a gated investor portal, connected seamlessly with Altana’s public website, to give a consistent user experience whilst also allowing the firm to control and track access to fund marketing information. FundPortal also includes a CRM, with data room, mailing tools, and fund reporting – all within a single platform. 

“We deliver uncorrelated alpha across six strategies and are material co-investors in all our funds,” said Stephen Martus, CFA, Altana’s Head of Business Development. “Our niche focus, uncovering asymmetric opportunities in less-crowded strategies, represents an excellent opportunity for investors, and we want our investor journey to reflect that excellence. With FundPortal, we have expanded our marketing breadth while delivering a better experience for our clients and prospects”. 

In selecting FundPortal, Altana replaced an existing CRM and a separate mailing tool, which needed to be revised to support the business. FundPortal is a SaaS solution, and Altana launched their FundPortal to investors within six weeks of selection, as determined by their project timeline. 

“FundPortal lets fund managers deliver a wide range of information on multiple funds in a way that is efficient, scalable, and above all easy for the investor,” said Rowen Pillay, CEO and Co-Founder, Edgefolio. “The fund manager maintains total control over who can access their sensitive information and can monitor engagement to focus the sales effort. We are excited to help Altana optimise the investor journey and accelerate their growth”. 


About Altana Wealth

Established in 2010, Altana Wealth has $500m in assets under management and employs over 30 personnel across its London and Monaco offices. 

Altana Wealth focuses on specialist, innovative and under-explored areas that can generate alpha with a low correlation to broader public markets and where it has a competitive edge, typically due to superior information analysis or style of investment.

These niche strategies are often less crowded and overlooked by large managers since capacity is generally constrained. Altana’s seed investments in new funds and continuing co-investments demonstrate commitment and alignment of interest with investors.


About Edgefolio

Edgefolio is a leading provider of SaaS solutions for hedge funds, investment banks, prime brokerages and third-party marketers. 

FundPortal is a digital fund marketing and investor relations platform for fund managers worldwide, incorporating an investor portal, CRM, email campaigns, data room and digital reporting.

Edgefolio has digitised the fund marketing operations of six of the top 10 investment banks, prime brokerages, and many of the world’s leading third-party marketers and fund platforms. 


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