Barclays Bank has selected Edgefolio’s technology to complement & streamline the current workflow of its Hedge Fund Research Team.

Edgefolio’s ResearchEdge tool collates fund data from the bank’s chosen research sources and presents this on Edgefolio’s intuitive interface. The tool incorporates powerful screening, filtering, peer analysis, portfolio builder and data exporting capabilities.

Edgefolio’s CEO, Leo Gasteen said: “We are proud to add a global brand name to our list of clients and look forward to collaborating with the Barclays team on future initiatives.

XX, Barclays, said, “Barclays is pleased to license Edgefolio’s technology and benefit from the associated efficiency gains. Edgefolio’s ResearchEdge tool will allows us to focus our efforts on manager monitoring and due diligence by reducing the time spent on collecting and screening fund data.