The firm will leverage FundPortal to industrialise fund marketing and investor relations. 

London, UK, 4 October 2023/[PR Newswire] – Edgefolio Group (“Edgefolio”) today announced that Stouff Capital, a Swiss hedge fund, is now live on FundPortal, Edgefolio’s all-in-one fund marketing and investor relations platform for hedge funds. The firm will now benefit from an investor portal and CRM, with mailing tools, fund reporting, and data room – all within a single platform. Stouff and its flagship Quantamental Global Equity Long/Short fund recently celebrated its five-year anniversary, and also announced the appointment of Aviv Merci as Managing Director, leading investor relations and business development. 

“We are approaching the $100 million AUM milestone, and have ambitious growth plans. We want to scale our marketing and investor relations in a way that is efficient and gives our investors an excellent experience”, said Aviv. “With investors located in many jurisdictions, FundPortal handles the necessary compliance and we have total control over the information each visitor sees. With FundPortal, we can run email campaigns, host content, and securely share performance data and documentation. The engagement analytics ensure we follow up with the right people, using the right message at the right time”.

FundPortal is a SaaS solution, and Stouff Capital was fully live on the platform within four weeks of selection, as determined by their own project timeline. The firm will take advantage of an aggressive roadmap for 2023 and beyond, with new features available to them immediately upon release. 

“Edgefolio supports a wide range of hedge funds, from large established firms with dedicated investor relations and marketing teams to managers looking to grow their investor base with maximum efficiency”, said Rowen Pillay, CEO and Co-Founder, Edgefolio. “We are excited to help Stouff Capital to industrialise and scale their marketing, and also give their investors the streamlined digital experience offered by all FundPortal clients”. 


About Stouff Capital

Stouff Capital is a Swiss investment company focused on absolute return and capital preservation through various market cycles. Its approach is based on a proprietary management style which combines a quantitative systematic process with a human-driven fundamental approach. Stouff Capital places technology at the heart of every stage of its investment strategy and portfolio management, keeping the structure flexible and efficient to navigate dynamic and complex markets. 

Established in 2018 by Julien Stouff and Gregory Chevalley, Stouff Capital emerged from their experience gained at renowned investment management firms.


About Edgefolio

Edgefolio is a leading provider of SaaS solutions for hedge funds, investment banks, prime brokerages, and third-party marketers. 

FundPortal is a digital fund marketing and investor relations platform for fund managers worldwide, incorporating an investor portal, CRM, email campaigns, data room and digital reporting.

Edgefolio has digitised the fund marketing operations of six of the top 10 investment banks, prime brokerages, and many of the world’s leading third-party marketers and fund platforms. 


Contact details

Stouff Capital:

Aviv Merci
Managing Director

Hannah Smith
Head of Marketing

07803 696380