As the world returns to work after the summer break, diaries are filling up. From big conferences with broad audiences to smaller events run by prime brokers and other industry service providers, September through November is a busy time. It is also award season, with ceremonies for the HFM European Performance Awards, Hedgeweek US Awards and Hedgeweek European Emerging Manager awards and many others all taking place in the final quarter of 2023. 

For most organisations, these events have publicity and/or lead generation benefit. At a conference this can be as straightforward as networking, making new connections and ideally meeting new prospects. Hedge funds planning to attend a cap intro event have a very clear mission to pitch their fund(s) to as many target investors as possible. Award ceremonies may appear to be primarily social in nature – but if you’re a third-party marketer attending a hedge fund award ceremony, it’s very likely you want to speak to as many of the hedge fund nominees as you can. 

Attending events of all types incurs a cost. The most obvious cost is the delegate pass, sponsorship package, booth, or table at the award ceremony. On top of this are the auxiliary costs associated with travel, accommodation, or staff and client entertainment. And there is a cost associated with time spent out of the office, diverting time and attention from other core activities. 

On top of this, there is the opportunity cost. This event could be fundamental to the firm’s sales plan for the year, providing essential prospect engagement and (hopefully) pipeline. They cannot afford to waste the opportunity; they need the event to be a success. 

So how can firms maximise their chances of success? What preparation can they do beforehand, and what should their on-the-ground strategy look like? In our recent pair of white papers, we consider how hedge funds and third-party marketers can set themselves up for success, and use events for maximum exposure and lead generation. 

Check out the papers:

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