Are hedge funds maximising the value of their email marketing?

Email marketing is a core component of the modern fund marketing strategy. But are hedge funds deriving as much value from it as they might?

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New product feature: new FundPortal Outlook add-in

We know that a lot of our clients’ fund marketing communications happens via email. To streamline workflows across these high-frequency systems, we have released a new FundPortal Outlook plug-in.

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fund marketing content: what it's not

Fund marketing content; what it’s not

In fund marketing, “content” covers a wide range of activities – from podcasts to white papers to pitch decks to quarterly newsletters. In this blog, we cover what it’s not.

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iConnections 2023 panel featuring Kim Kardashian

iConnections Global Alts 2023; what I learnt and what we would do differently next year

iConnections Global Alts is not a new event, but this was the first time for Edgefolio. What did we learn? Read on!

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conference tips: iConnections Miami is just around the corner

Welcome aboard this non-stop flight to Miami

In our last blog, we discussed the pre-event preparation to get you on track for a successful event. Now, let’s consider the tips and tricks to get the most out of your time at the conference itself.

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hedge fund events - are you ready for the return of Context365 and iConnections?

The return of Context365 and iConnections; are you ready for the the return of hedge fund events?

You probably need no introduction to the two flagship conferences of the hedge fund world; Context365 and iConnections. Attendees will be hoping for incredible networking opportunities. So how can you maximise your chance of success? Here are some tips to get you going:

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SEC November marketing rule

What is the November 4 Marketing Rule imposed by the SEC, and how it will affect the marketing of hedge funds?

The November 4 Marketing Rule is a new reform imposed by the SEC that will affect the marketing of hedge funds. How will it affect fund managers?

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investor trust in crypto is low

The rise and fall of crypto; how can investor trust be rebuilt?

The decline in the cryptocurrency market has been dramatic. How can crypto fund managers now begin to reassure and re-engage their investors?

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Kenno Vietnam strategy

Vietnam & selling the story: Kenno, Mikael Nastamo

In our ‘Exposure’ series, we’re talking to our clients & about the funds, people & strategies. Kenno, experts in Vietnam’s economy are up next.

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