It is a common dilemma for most professionals; if I dedicated a little time to improve a process or workflow, I would see huge time savings even in the short-to-medium run. But finding that time right now feels impossible, as we firefight and just about manage to get the job done. Instead of changing things, we’re lost to the whirlwind of the day-to-day. 

As we speak to hedge funds who are interested in FundPortal, Edgefolio’s fund marketing solution, a common question is – “how much work will come my way during the implementation?”. 

We thought it might be useful to give an idea of the implementation roadmap, as it might surprise you how quick it is – and how little it requires from the fund manager we’re onboarding. 


Project kick off – 45 mins

As a first step, you will have a 45-minute meeting with your dedicated customer success manager (CSM). This will be attended by everyone involved on your side, and also the sales manager on the Edgefolio side. 

For this call, we will already have a first version of your portal, ready for you to see. We will agree the goals and roadmap for your specific implementation, review this first iteration of your portal, give your admins access, and book in the subsequent meetings (as below). 

For this call, you will need to provide us with:

  • Your logo and brand colours, so we can use these in your portal
  • Your fund data and client documentation to be hosted on the portal

At this point, we also provide you with a template to upload your investor and prospect contacts. You can then either upload them yourself, or return the template to the CSM team who will do this on your behalf. 


Project sign off – 30 mins

On our side, this can then all be turned around in as little as a week and we then share your portal with you for you to review and gather feedback. 

Once you are in a position to provide this feedback, we schedule a 30-minute sign-off call, which only requires the primary contact at your organisation. At the end of this call, your FundPortal will be finished and ready to use. 

We then only need a list of your users, so we can get everyone up and running. 


Training – 60 mins

We then schedule a 60 minute training session, which naturally involves everyone who will use the portal. We have found 60 minutes is ample to walk through all the main workflows, answer any questions, and ensure your team is comfortable in using FundPortal. 


30-day check in – 30 mins

30 days later, we schedule a routine check-in which is a great opportunity to ask any non-urgent questions, or get advice from your CSM. Of course your CSM is available on an ad-hoc basis if anything arises before or after this meeting.



This timeline from selecting FundPortal to going live with the solution is tried and tested, and is something our customer success team handles every day. Typically the implementation can progress as quickly as the client organisation wishes, and the time input from the fund manager can be counted in short hours. 

Once the portal goes live, the fund manager can benefit from the long-term efficiency of streamlined workflows and reduced manual effort – alongside the other benefits of an improved investor experience, and turbo-charged fund marketing operation. If you would like to see FundPortal, book in a demo today.