ESTea #6 07/06/21: Hiring for ESG

With ESG a growing theme at almost every financial institution, investor, and fund – there is a growing battle for the best ESG talent with no obvious answer of how that demand is going to be filled.

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ESTea #5 01/06/21: Wherein the author defends some ‘green’ hedge funds that invest in oil companies

It’s a tale as old as time. Monkey see band wagon, monkey get on the band wagon.

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ESTea #4 24/05/21: ExxonMobil AGM Pressure

On May 26th (this Wednesday), Exxon’s AGM will bring to a head the last year of activity from proactive, environmentally-minded shareholders.

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ESTea #3 17/05/21: Papa Musk Delivers the ESG Tendies

This was the week were Bitcoin got its bad boy image back – partly because it puts out more carbon dioxide than a small country countries, but mainly because a billionaire playboy (come playadult) tweeted about the previous fact.

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ESTea #2 10/05/21: Setting off from basecamp

We’ve been doing some work here at Edgefolio to see what the world of ‘ESG’ funds really looks like. With our Fund Platform technology we’re in a unique position to be able to search through our database of 150,000+ funds, looking for fund names and descriptions with the most popular ‘ethical’ investing terms.

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Authentically Connecting with your Investors

You have done a great job of delivering results, gathering your contacts in one place and you are ready to hit the ‘send’ button. Are you sure that you are doing this correctly though? The best funds out there follow one simple mantra to get better results.

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Redefining Relationships with Digital Technology

Innovation and technological progress has changed the distribution of goods and services fundamentally.

Data, analytics and digital applications has increased efficiencies by removing intermediaries and reducing costs.

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Asset management marketing in a digital world

Hedge funds which have traditionally depended on personal relationships to acquire capital have recently found their business model turned on its head in the wake of an unrelenting tide of digital disruption.

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Advancing in the digital age – How technology pioneers will make the difference

Legacy systems and legacy thinking can also be formidable barriers. The status quo is hard to challenge when profit margins are reportedly around 40 percent.

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