After spending the past few days reading about WeWork and whether or not we are going to have an office to work from next month, we realised that the chances are 50-50. So we rushed in and made some more updates to the FundPortal – Now that we still have some time..

Ηere is a list with some of the updates:

The FundPortal settings menu has been reorganised and expanded. Managers can now set a lot more things, including a disclaimer that shows up below the fund list on the landing page.

Custom Disclaimers: Speaking of that, we have now added way more places to add your disclaimers or any text of your choice. Just go to the settings menu to find out more.

FREE Website: As you might have seen, we ran a campaign in October, offering a free website for our next 20 new clients; There are still a couple of those left, so if you (or someone in your network) want to get advantage of that, just get in touch!

FundPortal tip: We have added a way to include any link you want in the personal menu of your users. You can pick the display text, as well as the url you want them to visit, e.g. “Schedule a Meeting” , “Login to the Fund Admin” etc.

Why don’t you use it to add your personal calendar scheduler? (If you don’t have one, maybe it’s time to up your game! You can use a free tool like Calendly to do so)

Performance Optimisation:
We continue working on speeding up page load times and have improved even more pages now, making you and your users’ experience smoother.

Any feedback or ideas for what to come next? Happy to hear your thoughts!

PS: Do you know that we run a referral campaign? You could be earning £1k for every successful referral, with the added benefit of offering joy to your network. Get in touch to learn how this works!