What is important for an Allocator when assessing a new Fund for investing?

Since the beginning of Funportal 2 years ago, Edgefolio has always allowed you to share rich, interactive information on your fund in an instant.

This includes your information on the fund, on the fly analysis and comparison with your peers, rich newsfeed, and a smart way to share all your documents with your prospects and Investors. You can create an automated Factsheet with a click of a button, and carefully set permissions to control who sees what. And all these, in a compliant way (We are looking at you, MiFID II

And for the past few months, we have been wondering:

Is there another way of getting a better understanding of a manager’s investment behavior, and thinking?

Answer: Yes, there is.

Today, we’re announcing the *Exposures and Holdings* section of the fund profile that makes it even richer.


This powerful new section allows you to show off your funds’ portfolio breakdowns and objectives in a visual and interactive way. You can also show the historical fund net exposures, the flows and so much more.

Your investors now have a really good idea of how exactly your funds do so well and get an idea of the sectors and regions it is exposed to.

Another small step on the journey to bridge the data gap between fund managers and investors.

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Kind regards,
Edgefolio Team