Better integration with your workflows

We understand marketing your fund is hard, so we’ve been steadily improving FundPortal to make things easier. For this batch of updates, we’ve been paying particular attention to streamline how FundPortal integrates with your existing workflows. You can read the whole list of improvements below, and do get in touch or sign up for a demo to see how FundPortal can simplify your marketing.

New Features

  • You can now track all campaign messages in your CRM system, by BCC-ing to it
  • The logo on the login and signup pages points back to your company page, allowing for more seamless integration with your website
  • FundPortal can now be used to market new funds with no track record (by hiding both Fund Analysis and Peers tabs)
  • You can now upload your own benchmark data to your FundPortal
    • And further, you can customize and simplify the list of benchmarks available to your investors and prospects


  • We have massively upgraded the number of investment company contacts available to search through, there are now over 8,000 companies
  • If an investor has access to more than one portal, we now clarify that they can use the same login credentials for all
  • The user analytics have been enriched to show details of campaign messages that have been sent, opened and clicked
  • We are running more automated tests to verify that your portal behaves well, and continue to tighten the security of the system

Bug Fixes

  • Campaign message attachments retain file extensions
  • Fund portal investors can now be made full portal owners and access all features
  • Fix duplicate managers and service providers appearing on the fund profile
  • Fix campaign messages links when setting as “open in new tab”


If you need further information on this, or if you require any help, please contact us directly at

Kind regards,
Edgefolio team