The virtual data rooms feature on FundPortal is the easiest way to organize and share your fund documentation, all while retaining careful control of who accesses this information.


Today, we’re proud to announce that we have launched many refinements to your data room to further streamline your and your clients’ experience.

  1. We have optimized the tool to make the data room load a lot quicker! This is especially relevant to funds with large document trees with deeply nested structures.
  2. When folders are empty, portal admins are better prompted on how to upload files.
  3. The right-click menu is better organized to prioritize commonly used actions. These top actions are further exposed as obvious buttons to help portal admins.
  4. Now, when you or your clients go to visit a specific document and return to the data room, it goes back to the folder you were in. This makes the experiencemore seamless.

We hope these improvements make it even easier for you to provide greater visibility on your funds, and be ready to make the most of any opportunity.