Last week was a very busy and productive week here at Edgefolio, and we’re excited to share some things we’ve improved on your FundPortal.

A More Space-Efficient Users Page Layout*
– Better use of available screen space to keep the headers and first columns always visible, as well as the scrollbars both vertical and horizontal
– You can now display and navigate up to 500 users at a time without hiding the page controls
– Still as feature-rich: search, filter and sort by any column independently, edit any cell in place by double-clicking it, etc.

Performance Optimisation:
– We have started work on speeding up page load times: most pages now load around 65% faster, making you and your users’ experience smoother.
– This is an ongoing work and we will keep improving speed in various pages of your portal.

Security Upgrades
– You can now configure users with ‘Low privilege’ access level to not be able to download documents.
  – Do get in touch with us if this is interesting to you as we need to enable this feature for you.

Custom Benchmarks:
You can update and import your own custom benchmark: Just click on your name on the top right corner, and find the ‘manage custom benchmarks’ option. You will then be able to add the performance data in an excel file – once you upload it, the benchmark will be visible to you and your users inside the portal.

Everything we build is based on your feedback and suggestions, so please keep them coming! 

Enjoy the week ahead!

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