Following the release of our integrated hedge fund CRM, we’ve been working on adding even more new features to FundPortal, as part of our ongoing commitment to our clients. This quarter, we’ve created a ‘kanban board’ view to maximise deal pipeline management.

What is this feature?

The kanban board is a new way of displaying and managing your prospect pipeline. It’s a highly visual screen found throughout many CRMs, listing all deals in an interactive table format, with each column representing a status within the pipeline.

kanban gif

What’s the benefit to our users?

A kanban board is a significantly quicker way of viewing pipeline funnels and updating the statuses of your deals. The visual presentation helps the team prioritize what to work on next. It also helps executives and salespeople track and manage deal progress, status and likelihood of closing. Each column on your customisable board represents a stage in your fund’s investor lifecycle, whether you’re raising or retaining capital.

FundPortal Product Manager Sam Millis said,

“It’s crucial that we’re continuously listening to customer feedback and observing user behaviour to improve FundPortal. A direct result of this process is the new Kanban board which gives you a much faster way of assessing and updating your sales funnel. For example, editing deals has gone from 4 clicks to 1, and you can now instantly see the value of each stage of your pipeline as it updates dynamically. A huge thank you goes to Ana and the rest of Edgefolio’s front-end team, who took the lead on this development, patiently incorporating feedback and creating another valuable new addition to FundPortal.” 

We’re always looking to incorporate new features that improve outcomes and drive value for our clients. For a look at some of the other updates we’ve made to FundPortal, check out our What’s New page.

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