As Miami prepares to host several prominent events next week, fund managers are gearing up for a period of both opportunity and substantial commitment. These gatherings, while laden with potential, demand a significant financial investment, travel arrangements, and the sacrifice of precious office hours. To ensure that the costs associated with these events are justified, fund managers must capitalize on every opportunity that arises.

In our recent on-demand webinar, titled “How to Maximize Your Success at Events,” Edgefolio’s Head of Sales and Head of Marketing shared invaluable insights and strategies to help fund managers extract the maximum benefit from these events. For those unable to attend the webinar, comprehensive notes are available for download.

Here are some key takeaways from the webinar:

Use social media strategically

  • Update your LinkedIn profile strategically, tailoring your messaging to your specific audience—clients and prospects, not just potential employers.
  • Give event organizers a shout-out on social media platforms, emphasizing your appreciation for the event. This can result in increased visibility within their extensive network.

Leverage administrative support

  • Identify and enlist a dedicated individual from your office to provide administrative support during the event.
  • Use communication tools like WhatsApp groups or Slack channels for swift and efficient information sharing.

Take comprehensive notes and photos

  • Avoid relying solely on memory; take detailed notes during conversations and sessions.
  • Leverage voice notes and smartphone dictation tools for a quick and discreet way to document events.
  • Take lots of photos, including “selfies” that can enhance your social media presence and complement post-event content.

Be ruthless with your time

  • Be selective with your time and engage with individuals who align with your objectives.
  • Politely and efficiently conclude conversations that aren’t contributing to your goals.
  • Identify key individuals and prioritize interactions with them.

This brief overview only scratches the surface of the insights shared in our webinar. For those unable to watch the full presentation, detailed notes are also available for download. We trust that these strategies will prove useful and enhance your experience at upcoming events. Make the most of this opportunity, and we look forward to your success!