The aftermath of a major event is no walk in the park. You return to your desk, grappling with fatigue potentially exacerbated by jet lag. The work that has mounted up during your absence demands your immediate attention, and against this backdrop, you have a wealth of data and information gathered during the event that is at risk of losing its value with every passing moment. So, where should your priorities lie in this critical post-event phase?

In our recent on-demand webinar, “How to maximise your success at events,” we delved into post-event activities, guiding you on how to extract every ounce of opportunity from your investment of time and money.

Here are some key insights:

Immediate follow-up with warm leads
It’s crucial to prioritize immediate follow-up with prospects who have expressed genuine interest or committed to future engagements. This is likely the most exciting and pressing task, but it must be balanced out with other critical activities such as information and data capture.

Information and data capture
Within 48 hours of the event’s conclusion, ensure comprehensive data capture in your CRM. This includes details from conversations, contact information, and any agreed-upon next steps. Specificity is key—avoid generic notes like “good conversation, follow up in due course.” Ideally, you have this information in voice notes, written notes, and messaging platforms like WhatsApp or Slack. If you are relying on memory, this task is urgent as failure to capture this information significantly diminishes the value derived from the event.

Medium to long-term follow-up
The bulk of your follow-up efforts will involve cooler leads who may not be actively seeking further engagement. In the medium term, deploy campaigns offering opportunities for discussion and additional information about your fund. Simultaneously, be ready to nurture these contacts through content programs—newsletters, white papers, blogs, podcasts, webinars, etc. Beyond performance data, articulate your firm’s unique value proposition. Answer questions like: Why do you exist? What makes you special? Why should they care?

Prospects progress through the fund marketing funnel at varying speeds. It’s crucial to support this diverse journey, maximising the value derived from event attendance. Be prepared to adapt your approach, ensuring each prospect feels supported and engaged, irrespective of their trajectory through the marketing funnel.

For a comprehensive discussion of how to get the most from events, you can access the full webinar on demand, and detailed notes are available for download. Make the most of your post-event phase, and position yourself for success.