You have done a great job of delivering results, gathering your contacts in one place and you are ready to hit the ‘send’ button. Are you sure that you are doing this correctly though? The best funds out there follow one simple mantra to get better results:

“Authentically Connecting with Investors”

Here are 4 ways you can do this (better):

1. Offer customers real value.

When you contact your Investors and prospects, it’s important to offer something of value to them. Sending them just a number of your performance is no longer enough (they can easily do that themselves). You need to offer something for them to spend more than a couple of seconds, and ways to easily and transparently access your information.

2. Build a community.

Don’t reach out to your prospects only when you need them. The top funds don’t rely on monthly performance to start building relationships. Reach out with interesting articles, your views, your bets and ideas that will help them get to know you better. It’s a long-process game, but it definitely will pay off eventually.

“You can never go wrong by investing in communities and the human beings within them.”  – Pam Moore

3. Inspire people.

People value useful information and convenience, but they also want to be inspired!

One way to inspire customers is to share your brand’s vision. What you have built, why, and what is your mission for the long-term. Everybody can throw some jargon like ‘constantly deliver alpha’ (WOW!), but just a few actually make it simple and convey their message correctly. And guess what. They are the winners.

4. Keep the conversation going.

Part of what it means to have an “always-on” approach to marketing is that you are in an open dialogue with your Investors.

To do this, you need to offer the means to your network to do so. Getting a phone call is one thing, but (most) of the time, they just need to check something on their own. A portal helps in this case. Give them a way to come to you, embed chatbots, calendar schedulers and online material that they can read and respond directly.

Marketing works best when customers feel like they have a genuine relationship with a brand—one that is interesting, mutually beneficial, and steady.

Don’t be ‘that fund manager’. Don’t send an empty email. Frequently share genuine opinions, and your network will keep growing organically. Keep the relationship sustained.