Principles of Hedge Fund Customer Experience

In today’s digital environment, greater agility, flexibility and responsiveness are needed to meet rapidly evolving investor expectations, making customer experience critical to future success.

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A Guide to Marketing Strategy for Asset Managers

Fund managers today are faced with a number of new challenges in the market, while investors have the ability to conduct their own data analysis and are seeking better value funds.

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The Sweet Spot Between Sales and Marketing for Funds

Sales and marketing are the two sides of the same coin. They both aim at educating prospects, bringing in new clients while making sure that you continue to delight your current ones.

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Digitalisation of Hedge Fund Marketing

As far as marketing sophistication goes, the hedge fund industry has built a reputation for lagging far behind many other financial and professional services.

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Document Portal for Fund Managers – Do I need one?

Managed security and branded document portals are growing in popularity as hedge funds become cautious of cybersecurity threats to their business.

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Hedge Funds Marketing Starter Pack: Getting leads straight through your website

When it comes to Hedge funds, all the regulations, the compliance headaches and the costs associated with spreading the word are prohibiting the Marketing Manager to publicly declare that the fund is doing great.

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How to Differentiate your fund in a conference

Think of the following scenario:
You start planning your trip long in advance before the actual event. You arrange the flights, the hotel, the material you need and you try to plan ahead your sales strategy.

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Information Vs Wisdom

Many investors today focus the bulk of their attention on gathering information and data when it comes to manager assessment. From reading through documentation to the analysis of performance, investors certainly have their work cut out. But is this approach solid, or is it just scratching the surface?

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The Road to $1bn AUM: “Making it Big” Survey

The research examines big managers’ path to growth, providing a roadmap for all emerging and start-up managers as they make their way to $1bn AUM.

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