Which of your Prospects is most likely to invest in your fund? Now you can find out in a glance.

Presenting: Engagement level of your prospects!

– We have all the data, how can we use it in the most efficient way?
– Is there a way to know who is a ‘hot’ prospect?
– I have more than 2000 Investors in my database, how can I prioritize? 
– If I had time to focus only on  2 prospects, who should they be?

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Investor’s Vaults: How to Use Your Fundportal to Share User-specific Documents

In FundPortal, you already had a very feature rich Fund Documents Room, in which each file is assigned a privilege level.

Starting today, FundPortal comes with investor-specific document vaults. You can now securely share Investor Balance Statements, signed NDAs, and more.

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Navigating through new features of FundPortal 3.12

After months of an ongoing dialog with our customers, furious coding and indefinite testing we are proud to introduce the newest version of FundPortal 3.12.

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Fundportal Changes coming soon

During the past few months, we worked hard on the new release of FundPortal. (In the same time we made sure that GDPR is not an issue, as well as shared insights on world’s class Marketing Practices and on how to build a Fundraising machine).

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