Investing in a conference can be an expensive process: in terms of time and budget. 

Think of the following scenario:

You start planning your trip long in advance before the actual event. You arrange the flights, the hotel, the material you need and you try to plan ahead your sales strategy. ” Who else is going there? What it the best elevator pitch I can use? How can I convince the Investors that I am the manager they should be speaking with?”

And then you go. You travel to another country (even another continent) and you follow your plan. 2 days of constant meetings, discussions, generic pitches, exchange of business cards and promises to ‘keep in touch’.

The result? 30 Business cards in your bag, and loads of work to be done.

How do you follow up? Back to the office (if not the hotel room), trying to remember faces, crafting a simple email and attaching a generic pdf presentation of your fund. And then you wait. You add ‘kindly let me know your thoughts’. Of course, you add them to your mailing list. Maybe your CRM. But the question remains? Did the trip pay off? How do you follow up?

It doesn’t have to be that hard. Enter Fundportal.

You are at the conference. You meet a potential investor. While you make the introductions and ask the correct questions, you invite them to your portal.

On the spot, you use your iPad and run all the analysis of the Fund. It looks like this:

(Yes, there are many more analytics there.  Whatever your investors might need, we got you covered.)

Or you can show beautiful charts:

Or how you outperform your peers:


You make them interested in your story. You let them run their own analysis, on the fly. They get the info they need right on the spot. You show that you have the processes in place, and they can see that this is the level of engagement they will get if they work with you. Forget about printed PDFs or canned pitches.

Next step? You enjoy the rest of your night.

Next day? You go to the office, and you see the analytics: Out of 30 invites, who has actually logged in? Let’s say 10 of them ‘took the trouble’ and checked your materials.

Out of those 10, who was the most engaged?  How long did they stay in the portal?  What documents did they download?

You find the 5 that are the hottest leads. You follow up. You get the feedback in real-time.  It looks like this:

Now you do know who to follow up with. Even better? You create your follow-up template, and then you get to use it every time.

Plus, they get to stay in your database forever. Mailing lists, reports, marketing material. You decide what they see. And you start the nurturing correctly.

This evolution in how you engage with your prospects is already happening. Just take a look at some of the biggest names in the industry and how they’ve changed their behavior over the past few years. And then give us a call, so we can set you up. The iPad is on us.