The asset management industry is a hard industry to crack on. Especially when it comes to Hedge funds, all the regulations, the compliance headaches and the costs associated with spreading the word are prohibiting the Marketing Manager to publicly declare that the fund is doing great.

Furthermore, networking has been traditionally the best way to meet and engage with potential Investors. Either on a conference, word of mouth or as a direct referral, it makes sense to start building your network from the start. That’s why the traditional path of founding a Hedge Fund is through a long (and hopefully successful) career in the Asset management industry – usually in one of the big Investment banks.

But the tide has been changing. It is now equally important to build your online brand, be easily found by your peers, clients, and prospects (without sharing sensible information of course).

As a startup Fund, when it comes to marketing, the first thing you need to have in place is your website. This is a non-negotiable part of your marketing efforts. You need a place that serves as the ‘door’ to your firm, a place that can work for you in the background and start gathering the leads for your account. Most of the fund managers have already caught up. If you haven’t, please stop reading this and just go build a website. Seriously. You need to.

Furthermore, the world is changing rapidly. Having a simple website with just an email, asking people to reach out is neither efficient nor scalable. The biggest and most successful funds have already found the solution. It’s called Investor’s portal, and it’s a getaway to your fund’s profile.

How does it work?

Investor’s portal is a password-protected online version of your Firm’s Funds, embedded on your website, where Clients and Prospects get access to your funds’ information. Among other things, the benefits for you and your clients include:

For the management company:

  • Pick up organic website visitors
  • Security & compliance – a Password-protected area with reduced risk of data leakage, 5 tiered document access levels depending on investor type and due diligence stage, ability to permission investors on a per-fund basis
  • Data-driven insights – Ability to see exactly who is engaging with your products, including how often they are logging in and which documents they are viewing
  • Automation of all the Marketing Activities

For current and prospective Investors:

  • Transparency  Your (per-fund) performance data & documents, since inception, in one, secure place
  • Timely updates – Receive regular notifications of recent performance updates, research & thought pieces, purchase term/fee amendments and awards
  • Interactive factsheets & analysis – Access to a suite of analytics & risk/return metrics on one user-friendly interface.

We know the hustle of starting a new venture, and that the budget can be quite short. That’s why we have compiled this in a very attractive package, specifically designed for startup funds. To learn more about it, just contact our sales team.